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for casual pictures sensors scan your face

Plenty of companies think their phones "magically" do what you want without having to lift a finger, but Huawei backs its new Honor Magic -- the prettiest Honor phone we've seen -- with a whole lot of built-in settings you don't usually get.

The company says it's using AI to respond to physical sensors, like the proximity sensor, to make the phone know who you are, what you're doing now, and what you might want to do next.

A few examples of the Magic's powers:

You pick it up and its infrared sensors scan your face. Coupled with the fingerprint reader in the home button, it will only surface notification messages when the phone has verified it's you, so that nosy neighbors don't get to see who's pinging you or why.

If it's dark (or if you cover the ambient light sensor), the phone can surface a flashlight option on the lock screen. You can swipe to turn it on. Once you turn it off, you can't toggle it on again. Having the flashlight at your…